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The Optician Training System You Will Actually Love Using

We make it easy...

- A complete optician training system

- Clinically relevant for rapid learning

- Access for your entire staff

- Nothing to download or install

- No recurring monthly fees

 Optician Training Just Got A Whole Lot Easier. Welcome To The Fastest & Most Comprehensive Way To Start Your Own Training Program, In-Office Or From The Comfort Of Home.

targeted optician training

Say goodbye to wondering if your optician training will be clinically relevant or up to date. Updated lessons uploaded to your personal account, automatically.

save optician time

Save time piecing together training materials. Get started in LESS THAN 60 SECONDS with a COMPLETE training system for you or your office. Reclaim your lunch hour (and after hours), because you care about a few things besides work.

individual optician study

A revolutionary new way to implement and automate an optician training program. Transform any computer, anytime, into your personal coach for individual or group training.


How OptiQuick is Different


  • Easy to implement, COMPREHENSIVE optician training system for yourself or entire office in video AND reading formats.

  • Clinical relevancy means quicker study time and efficiency.

  • Become an exceptional optician by addressing special circumstances many opticians handle incorrectly.

  • Understand patient symptoms of the most common eye conditions and diseases.

  • End of chapter exam to assess comprehension on your own or as a group.

  • Gives you a blueprint for troubleshooting patient’s difficulties to SAVE the doctor chair time.

  • Extensive training on improving patient perception of quality and service.

  • Forms you can customize and use immediately to improve efficiency, quality, and patient care.

  • Increase profitability with sales and customer service training.

  • Receive special online updates and new materials directly to your membership page.

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eye pointerWhat our customers are saying

Justin Abo, OD

This is a very well written system to either jump start a newbie or home the skill of a seasoned optician. This training system does just that. I have all of my new employees use this program during their first 3 months on the job. I don’t think there is a better optician training tool out there for the optician.”

Justin Abo, OD
Karen Upshaw, Optician

This has become the ‘turn to guide’ for our staff’s questions. It is an easy and useful resource when dealing with training new opticians and problem solving. Well written. It is highly recommended.”

Karen Upshaw, Optician
Aaron Reymann

Afantastic professional resource. I have over 15 opticians in Southern California and I use OptiQuick to continue training them on a weekly basis. This is required training for any of my new hires. If you want to increase your sales or just understand optics more fully, this is the optician training program for you.”

Aaron ReymannABOC Optical Manager
Cindy Pung, OD

Excellent training! This is written in a very concise manner using terminology that is easily understood regardless of your experience level. I highly recommend this training program to everyone in the optical industry.”

Cindy Pung, OD
Greg Kame, OD

This is a great program for all staff members to read and study. Although the title is ‘OptiQuick’ there is a wealth of information contained in the videos that can be used to train all staff members, and should not be limited just to your opticians.”

Greg Kame, OD
Barratt Phillips, MD

These videos have a wealth of information in an organized, intelligently written manner. A comprehensive optician training program that saves having to pull multiple resources to help an optician obtain mastery of the information and skills necessary for a successful practice. Excellent illustrations, helpful focus points and test questions. As a practicing ophthalmologist, I would also recommend the manual for doctors to prepare meaningful training sessions for their back office and optical staff. Implementing only a few of the pearls in this program should make a noticeable improvement in the optician skills of any practice.

Barratt Phillips, MDOpthalmologist

While we specialize in small group and individual study, we are trusted by:

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Your training program should work hard, so you don’t have to. It’s time to put your optician training on autopilot.

Lets be honest. You are always the leader. The one all the responsibilities fall upon. There’s just one problem…. training to become an optician, or training a staff of opticians, can be an expensive, daunting, and time consuming task. Optician training takes time, it takes energy, it takes creativity, it takes ideas. We all start out with good intentions, but along the way, we get distracted or discouraged.

But it does not have to be this way. You just need a different approach.

An affordable, turn-key, COMPREHENSIVE optician training system was needed.

Good news… You can finally reclaim your lunch break and weekends (and maybe rediscover your kids) instead of sweating over your optician training.

That’s why we created the OptiQuick Rapid Optician Training System


The all-in-one solution to start an optician training program you and your opticians will love using.

What you get inside…Included
9 hours of narrated training videos broken down into in easy to manage topicscheckmark

Web based access from any computer, anytime, for as many people as you wantcheckmark
Instant access. The entire training system can be yours in minutes.checkmark
End of chapter test questions to assess comprehensioncheckmark
Ability to print all forms, tests, and exercises. Add your own logo for added personalization.checkmark
1 Year unconditional money back guarantee. No fine print from us…. ever.checkmark
Don’t feel like watching videos? You will also have access to the complete training e-book, “The Optician Training Manual”, includes OVER 200 illustrations, to print or read on any device. checkmark
Lensometry picture-in-picture technology makes learning lensometry a snapcheckmark
Bonus #1: Special reports insure your training is never out of datecheckmark
Bonus #2: Customizable practice management forms designed to simplify your life in ways you never knew possiblecheckmark

With 60-second set up, clinical relevance, and easy online access, is it any wonder OptiQuick is trusted by over 3,000 opticians, managers, and doctors?

T.T. Tyler Thompson, Publisher "Tyler’s Quarterly"

“There is many a doctor out there looking for a way to augment his/her office assistant’s knowledge regarding the challenges of an optician in today’s ECP’s office. And your publication is a nice step in helping them to attain it.”

Optometry Today book review

“This is truly a concise training system containing a wealth of information. It provides the subject matter in an easy to understand and interesting format. Without a doubt it should be of use not only to opticians, but also to optometrists and ophthalmologists who need to train opticians.”

As the name indicates, the skills taught in this system are designed to be acquired rapidly, in bite-size chunks, making this an easy to implement, step-by-step process you can use at your own pace.

See What All Is Included


Here’s what you get inside…


what's included Module

Module 1: Ocular Anatomy and Basic Principles

In this module we’ll introduce basic optician training principles such as…

  • Eye anatomy so that you understand how the eye works
  • How lenses optically help a person see clearly
  • Lens types and why a patient may need each one
  • Associating refractive errors with patient symptoms
  • Reading the parts of a prescription


what's included optician training Module

Module 2: Lens Parameters

For this module, we’ll be training rock-solid skills in measuring every part of prescription glasses. This module will cover…

  • Lensometry with picture-in-picture video training, showing you the drum movements and through the eyepiece at the same time
  • How to find the optical center of a lens (and why this is important)
  • Measuring base curves of lenses and detecting warpage
  • The frequently misunderstood three types of prism measurement (Yes, there are three types) and WHY you must know the difference


optician system screenshot

Module 3: Picking the perfect frame for the patient

Frame selection is more than “give this one a try”, it is a blend of style and function. In Module 3 we’ll show you the science behind the frame fitting process…

  • Understand frame materials and why the wrong material makes for very unhappy patients
  • Choose the right frame for the patient’s prescription. This will keep you from getting a phone call from the lab requesting the patient needs to chose a new frame.
  • The seven shapes of faces and the best frame shape for each one.
  • Hearing aids, kids, and oxygen tubes, oh my! How to fit for special populations (and a very unique frame made for oxygen tube users that will make YOU the patient’s friend for life!)


what's included

Module 5: The PERFECT frame and lens combination

Getting that PERFECT pair of glasses starts at the time of ordering. This makes your job at dispensing easy. That’s why module 4 is so valuable. We’ll go over together the following concepts…

  • How to create the perfect frame and lens pairing
  • Why adjusting the frame at time of ORDERING is so important to a successful fit.
  • The 4 ways of measuring a near PD, and why the wrong way may be a disaster.
  • The many tools for making adjustments and how each one is used.
  • The 3 forgotten adjustments and why each one is so important (Pantoscopic tilt, faceform, and vertex)
  • How to insure you get the bifocal, trifocal, and progressive seg heights correct



Module 5: Lens Options

How do you provide the patient with lens features that are matched perfectly with their needs? We’ll show you…

  • The best time to use tints, polarization, mirrors, and photochromatics
  • How to minimize aberrations frequently encountered on high index lens materials
  • What option must ALWAYS be paired with an aspheric lens
  • Creating the ultimate thin and light weight lens for your patient
  • The sometimes ugly truth about high index materials (why does a higher index lens sometimes make it heavier than a ower index lens?)


Module what's included

Module 6: Contact lenses and training

Contact lenses can be fun and easy. We will break this topic down into the following areas…

  • Step by step process for training your patient on application and removal of soft AND RGP contact lenses.
  • The purpose of a Greenie and the only time to EVER use one
  • The proper care and cleaning of soft and RGP lenses.
  • Discover the only source of information you will ever need on contact lens options and how to order them


Module 7: Eye conditions and their visual symptoms

Module 7 will have you understanding common eye conditions that your patients will be complaining about, such as…

  • Cataracts and when do they get removed?
  • Expectations from your patients with macular degeneration
  • What symptoms ALWAYS require an appointment be with the doctor?
  • What are all those drops for in your glaucoma patients?
  • And more!

Module screenshot

Module 8: Recognizing potential pitfalls

We are not training you to be an average optician. By the end of this chapter you will be EXCEPTIONAL. That is what this chapter is all about…

  • What is Anisometropia and what three effects of it MUST be considered when ordering glasses?
  • The Prentice Rule and why this equation is (almost) the only one you will ever need to know
  • Wow your prescribing doctor by catching potential issues he or she may have missed
  • We all like shortcuts. We will show you a shortcut to determine if Slab-off is needed when the axis is oblique (don’t have any clue what was just said? Don’t worry, you will be a PRO at this stuff by the end of this chapter)
  • Discover when more clear vision does not always make for a happy patient


Module 9

Module 9: Going from good to great

A great optician creates a life long customer. We will show you how to do just that plus…

  • How to turn an unhappy patient into one more loyal than if they had never been unhappy?
  • When to drop the price bomb on a patient
  • INCREASE your average dollar sale 20% by using top-down verses bottom-up discussions
  • Give you a blueprint for troubleshooting patient complaints. Reduce the times you send a patient back to the doctor for rechecks in half and look like a hero!
  • Best way to diffuse the difficult or unhappy patient
  • Provide you a checklist to insure the glasses you ordered pass quality inspection. Do the glasses deserve to be dispensed to the patient?
  • A SINGLE word to use which will increase your second pairs by 50% (without sounding like a salesperson)
  • Why would hearing the phone ring NOT a good thing? Get the step-by-step blueprint to make sure it is not ringing for all the wrong reasons
  • Improve your communication skills to convey authority and happier patients
  • The single most important thing to excel in your optical training and career

download icon


Bonus #1: A collection of useful forms you can download today to make your job easier including….


  • Patient tracking
  • Dispensing checklist
  • Goal setting
  • Duty to warn
  • Troubleshooting analysis
  • Contact lens fitting and pricing disclosure
  • Prescription analysis
  • Medicare/Medicaid optical materials disclosure
  • Off work medical release
  • Ourtside doctor Rx correspondence
  • With more added periodically

special report 2

Special Reports

Bonus #2: A collection of reports updated periodically keeping your optician training up-to-date including….


  • Digital lenses: 10 things you need to know
  • Safety glasses: The 3 “musts” of prescribing safety glasses
  • AR coatings and their unique considerations
  • Product demonstrations: The psychology behind demonstrating your frame selection
  • New product alerts
  • New reports added periodically



The Optician Training Manual

Bonus #3: “The Optician Training Manual” digital edition to print or read on any device (when watching a video is just not an option)….


  • Complete access to the entire “Optician Training Manual”, the book that started it all
  • 278 pages with over 200 illustrations
  • Read on any device. Or if you prefer, print out pages, chapters, and exercises (or the entire book) for everyone in your office
  • A $59 value, yours included with the OptiQuick Rapid Optician Training System

book-only Not so sure you want all of your training to be video based? No problem, we’ve got you covered. We know you might sometimes want to read the material in quiet. So, we also give you online access to the complete training material as a 278 page e-book, “The Optician Training Manual”, as well. This is the optician training book that started it all with over 200 illustrations. You can print a physical copy for yourself or everyone in your office or even easily read on any device.

no-adsUnlike other optician training programs, take a look around, see something missing? NO ADVERTISING.

We don’t promote a product based on trying to make a sponsor happy, never have and never will. Why? Because we believe in providing you with optician training that is free from commercial bias. That leaves no room for corporate sponsors or influence, period.

Discover Our Proven Turn-Key System for Training Your Best Optical Team Ever.


  • Having difficulties measuring prism on the lensometer? Chapter 2 shows you how to make this worry a thing of the past.

  • Want to learn how to give your light sensitive patients a lens that reduces light transmission more than the darkest tint alone?  Chapter 5 shows you a simple, but unknown to 98% of opticians, way to help these patients dramatically.

  • Looking to improve your patient satisfaction? Chapter 9 gives you over a DOZEN you can use TODAY.

  • Want to improve your troubleshooting skills? There’s help for that, too.


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