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Obsessed with creating innovative, clinically relevant, and easy to implement optician training programs for you and your entire office.

We believe training to be an optician, or training your staff of opticians, does not have to be difficult. We believe in thinking and doing things differently. Challenging the status quo is in our DNA. How we challenge the status quo is in producing materials that are easy to understand, clinically relevant, and immediately able to be implemented. By applying this unique thinking to optician training materials, we strive to provide you with a system unlike any other. Your training is our passion.

Training sessions between patients, over food, and with your friends. This is how it really happens. We get it. You don’t believe optician training should be confined to a lonely room with a 2-ton textbook. Fortunately, neither do we.

A little about us… We are a team of opticians, optometrists, and ophthalmologists with a common purpose… making optician training a fun and easy process. We measure our success by your success. We believe real success is found in the opportunity to provide you with content that helps you exceed your training goals and provide value far in excess of its price. As the #1 optician source for clinically relevant optician training, we work in the trenches just like you do. Everything we learn from thousands of patient encounters goes into the materials we produce for you.

Life is too short for boring. So when was it decided that optician training had to be as boring as yesterday’s broccoli?
Good news… with us broccoli is not even on the menu (neither are recurring monthly fees, YUCK!)

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And when we are not seeing patients, you might just catch us on our bikes out around the San Diego area. Every year we ride the MS Century, a 100 mile ride to support finding a cure for Multiple Sclerosis, this is a picture of us at the ride last year. If you see us, we’d love for you to say hi! You’ll recognize us by the OpticianU Cycling logo on our jerseys.
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Your optician training is backed by these core values. They drive our commitment to you.


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