The Psychology of Frame Demostrations


frame domostrations

For insight on how we should be maximizing frame demostrations we can look at a Jam Tasting Experiment. In this experiment, half the shoppers were presented with six jams to sample and the other half with 24 jams to sample. The 24-jam display attracted more people than the six-jam display, but it converted far fewer into paying customers.

In another study, participants who were given six chocolates from which to choose one were happier with their selection than those who selected one chocolate out of 30 possibilities.

The takeaway? People think they want a lot, but having fewer options makes it easier to arrive at a choice confidently. Additionally, fewer choices can improve how satisfied we are with our decisions.

Think about your patient’s shopping experience — Do you let them lose on a frameboard with hundreds of choices, or do you recommend, based on their Rx, face shape, etc, a small handful of potential frames? Also, what about a couple option “packages” instead of presenting many individual add-ons?

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