New Product Alert – Tribrid

We dont get excited about new lenses very often, but this one could be a game changer. Introduced by PPG Optical Materials, Tribrid is a hybrid of Trivex and High index materials. What does this mean for you and your patients?

1. Although we have not yet had a chance to work with it, this probably means we now have the ability to drill mount a high index lens without the fear of cracking.
2. 1.6 effective index creating a very thin lens profile.
3. A 1.6 index lens usually comes with a low abbe (34-39), but this hybrid has an abbe of 41, minimizing chromatic abberations.
4. A 1.6 + index lens usually comes with a high specific gravity (1.35-1.46), but this one comes in at 1.23, making it extremely light weight.
5. Impact resistance is claimed to be as good as trivex, but in the thin lightness of a 1.6 index lens.

For all these reasons, this lens could be a huge hit. We will start working with it and give you our reviews once we get some hands on experience.

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