Optical Training Institute Expands Its Impact with Strategic Acquisition of OptiQuick

ATLANTA, GEORGIA — The Optical Training Institute (OTI) is excited to announce its acquisition of two respected resources in the world of optical education: OpticianU, known for its OptiQuick rapid optician training program and the #1 best-selling optician training book on Amazon, “The Optician Training Manual – 2nd Edition: Simple Steps To Becoming A Great Optician“. 

Brian Diener, Director of OTI, commented on the acquisitions, “These are more than just acquisitions; they are a testament to OTI’s commitment to lead in optical education. Integrating both #1 best-selling book, ‘The Optician Training Manual’, and OptiQuick into our platform strengthens our pledge to offer top-quality resources to the optical community.”

Dr. David McCleary, OD, the driving force behind these outstanding courses, remarked, “OTI has consistently proven itself as a leader in optical education. Their reputation for quality and dedication to the profession is unmatched. They are a trusted partner and I’m confident that they are the ideal long-term stewards for these courses. I look forward to seeing their continued impact on the industry going forward.”

Beyond enhancing OTI’s content library, these acquisitions accentuate the Optical Training Institute’s position at the forefront of the optical training landscape. 

The recent acquisitions come on the heels of OTI’s launch of the Optician Development Program, an innovative career training program designed to mold the next generation of eye care professionals. This program, tailored to meet the diverse learning needs of today’s opticians, has already begun to reshape how optical education is delivered. By combining a modern learning experience with OTI’s deep industry expertise, the Optician Development Program encapsulates OTI’s vision of consistently elevating the quality of optician training. 

As OTI continues to grow in popularity among eye care professionals and leading employers, the organization is proud to include Dr. McCleary’s best-selling book and online training content in its library of content. By harnessing these resources, OTI reiterates its commitment to innovation, growth, and providing unmatched education to eye care professionals globally.

About Optical Training Institute:

For over 30 years, Optical Training Institute has served over 30,000 eye care professionals and the optical industry with high quality, affordable education solutions. Our mission as an education company is to provide high-quality education that improves patient experience and supports career growth for eye care professionals. The company’s offering includes career training, exam preparation, and continuing education courses along with knowledge-based pre-hire assessments.

We pride ourselves on providing high quality courses written by subject matter experts and guided by experienced instructional designers. In addition to directly serving opticians and optometrists, OTI is a trusted partner to employers seeking to improve the skills of their employees, improve the patient experience, reduce cost, and boost employee engagement and retention.

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